Business travel

Business travel solutions

If you are looking for a daily Amsterdam car service, hosting a corporate event, or if you need to arrange airport pick-ups for your guests we will work with any of your needs to find you the perfect vehicle and one of our best drivers. ATS focuses on attention to detail and our goal is to provide you personalized and excellent service at a great price. We are able to work with corporate accounts for payment.

Whether you need to be billed weekly or monthly, get in touch with us and we will go over further details about connecting our service with your company. Our experienced booking agents are well trained in handling any logistics and billing and are available 24 / 7 to discuss options. Give us a call now to go over options.

ATS has helped countless Executive Assistants and Travel Managers succeed in flawlessly executing the demands of the highest level employees within their organizations. With over 30 years of experience with providing ground transportation to corporations large and small, we can successfully handle the critical ground transportation component of meetings, events, conferences and conventions. We have worked with groups as small as 4 people and as large as 400 people.

Corporate accounts

With Over 30 years of experience in corporate travel ATS will create a unique corporate account for you that can be accessed and manage by you or any authorized employee of your company. With this unique account, you can make and cancel reservations, manage the payment methods, and add or remove employees. Secondly, ATS offers Invoice billing for a corporate account and you can add more than one payment method to your account. The payment methods you can add will be Credit Cards or Invoice. More to that, your account will also be assigned to a ATS Corporate account manager. He/she will see to it that, you receive the best services and always ready to assist you. This person will always act on your behave so feel free to contact him/her if the needs arise ATS will never cancel your reservations unless you request a cancellation.

Last but not the least, an ATS driver will show up at least 10 minutes before the pick-up time once you make the reservations. You can always contact your assign account manager at any time or our 24/7 dedicated customer service.