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Hello Mathieu, First off, I wanted to say thank you for providing me with comfortable and very reliable service. I do not typically post reviews either negative or positive but i was very impressed with Mathieu and felt i needed to for other travelers looking for reliable and professional Taxi services in Amsterdam which can be very spotty at best. I used Amsterdam Taxi Services for when i attended the Europort Tradeshow in Rotterdam and i can say with all honesty this has to be one of best car services that i have ever used and i have used many in Europe. Mathieu is very professional, personable and polite individual. He had meet me at the Amsterdam Airport and found me in the baggage claim area after i was late and had a slight problem with how long it was taking for my luggage to come out. He was very nice about it and helped out since i had 3 bags with me. We spoke quite a bit on our way to Rotterdam and i had asked many questions which he was happy to answer about Dutch culture and where to go etc.. Upon my return Journey from Rotterdam to Amsterdam Mathieu was right on time as i expected he would be and he asked me about how my week was in Rotterdam and if i enjoyed myself. I will say that Mathieu will be my companies choice for Taxi services for when we come to Holland whether it is for business or pleasure. I highly recommend Mathieu and his company. Frank C.

Frank C.
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